Who Needs A Label These Days? Many Artists, But You Can Get The Money In Other Ways

All around the indie/dyi music websites, there’re a lot of discussions about the function of a label these days.
In the past, a label was a plain bank, a loan provider, who’s main interest is making profits (not that there’s anything wrong with that) – and of course I refer to the majors.

The internet changed the roll of the labels dramatically. While I’m not going to discuss if a label is a necessity, as I was a label manager and I’m signed in two label (Anova in Israel and the great Strange Attractors Audio House in the US) – and I strongly believe it is still a must (in terms of having someone to manage your project and look up for your best interests), the roll of a label as the ‘bank’ hardly exists these days (when we’re talking about indie music).

Anyone can start a label and digitally release music or even be in touch with physical distro, but still, the pros can do the better job of taking care of the release. They know the press, they know the people in Itunes – they have connections, and in this biz, like any other – connections are crucial.

So if the money is not granted by the label duo to the difficulties of the market, many artists are doing it on their own. Getting the financial help themselves, that is. One of the great things the internet had done, was shrinking the gaps between people worldwide.
I always told my artists in the label, that with good music and a cool idea, you can get to every home in the world that has an internet connections.

Using this simple theory, the wonderful website of Kickstarters emerged. It’s not only for music, but it is open to all kind of entrepreneurs that are interested in receiving money, directly from the fans/potential clients. It’s pretty easy actually. The artists set the sum they wish to grant, and provide different scales of ‘values’ for the money. If you contribute 5$, you’ll get the Cd, 10 will have your cd signed, 50 will ensure your name appear in the thank you list, 100 will provide you a voucher for ten donuts in Dunken, 1000 will provide you with  visit from the artist in your living room and 5000 will mean that the artist will merry you. Of course, these values are up to the artists’ desicion.

Two artists that I really like, Arborea and Marissa Nadler decided to ask their fans to help with financing their art, which is the most logical thing to do in the world today, if you don’t have the money to do so by yourself.

Arborea has now two new videos online, and a free song given to the fans. Buck, half of Arobrea, suggest a guitar he built himself as one of the ‘prizes’ for the higher bidders, and I had the pleasure of working with him on the fantastic Robbie Basho tribute album project, which he produced.
Marissa, is someone that I admit I have a crush on for couple of years now. Not only she’s a wonderful songwriter, her voice just sends shivers down my spine. She also recorded a new song which is given for free, and also explained in her Youtube video, a bit about her own Kickstarters project, and revealed the reason why she never speak on videos.

This is your chance to help two fantastic artists, and participate in making art happen. Now, more then ever, you have a way to make a change. Use it.

Marissa’s campaign video

Two new videos by Arborea

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