Al Caiola – Sounds for Spies and Private Eyes

Just look at this album cover and tell me it won’t make you go and press play immediately.
Al Caiola - Music For Spies

Al Caiola was a guitar player, he recorded countless of studio hours for others and released several of great albums, in the ‘space-age / bachelor’s pad’ style of music (exotica).
Sounds for Spies and Private Eyes is an oh-so-cool album of famous spy movies themes and some originals in that style, an album that you’d want to throw a party just to play it.

Caiola’s guitar is really cool and ease, he’s the man, you want him to not only play the guitar for you in your wedding, you want him to bring peace in the middle east, end the humanitarian crises around the world, control the weapon in the US, and of course – throw Monsanto captains to jail. That’s how cool he is. In this album, he sounds like he can do everything.
To Trap a Spy








And the big band with him is incredible. The brass section is furious, the arrangements are brilliant. You’ve heard some of the pieces before, so you’re gonna feel at home with the music, and starting your day with this album will totally gonna rock your day. It it’ll fail to deliver the promise, call Caiola. He’ll save you.


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The Voice Of An Eagle, a Wolf, and Spirit: Robbie Basho’s Rainbow Thunder

Another Robbie Basho album is now reissued by Kyle Fosburgh​ through his Grass-Tops Recording​ label.
Each time a Basho album is being reissued, humanity improves slightly at present time, but gets the chance of a bigger progress in the future.
What would humanity do with this potential, only time will tell.

This is such an incredible, beautiful and poetic album that it’s almost a crime not to buy it, especially if you like acoustic guitar albums. Especially if you like musicians who never fear of feeling and expressing feelings.
Basho was not a UFO, he was a role model of the connection between heart and mind, and like in every album he released before, Rainbow Thunder demonstrates it perfectly.
It’s a beautiful collection of songs, with only one instrumental, created by an outsider that dedicates an album to the outsiders; To those whom history can’t be forgotten thanks to people like Basho, but whom without these people, time would have passed, the tents would have disappeared. Only the cries of the wolves would have stayed there as a forgotten memory, that like a lunar eclipse, appears only once in a while, howling the history of a man or a women called “Rainbow Thunder”, who played an important role, or who were just ordinary people in their community. Who could know.
robbie basho - rainbow thunder
With this new reissued, the howls can be heard, he’s the eagle, he’s the wolf, he’s the lost souls gathered together in this vessel called body who aches to tell Rainbow’s stories. Click here to listen and buy.

Rainbow Thunder is a collection of songs expressing the feelings and textures of the West in its Prime, and of the Native American Peoples who lived there. I hope it does them some small degree of justice — they who looked so hard into Nature” – Robbie Basho

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Popol Vuh – Cobra Verde

Popol v













I’m  flying above the French country side, from Geneva to Nantes and listening to the beautiful Popol Vuh album Cobre Verde.
Like many of their recordings, this album is a soundtrack to a Werner Herzog film which I still havent watched. I try to take my time with it, so the music would remain out of a visual context and will be free and left to my own private visualization. I’m succeeding meanwhile.

This is a late PV album that is missing the mystics and psychedelia of their earlier recordings, a time of a shift in focus towards a different phase of the band where they focus on tribal music and group chanting aside to the piano based and repetitive guitar tracks that they are so known for.

I look outside the Easyjet plane, everything is green ,the sun is right in front of my eyes and it’s all so peaceful and beautiful. Though the plane is very small and it shivers in the thick air, the music is so soothing and relaxing that i know my soul will survive, even if the plane crashes.

We’ve landed safely, the plane didnt crash, I’m off to the next show in the tour in France. The weather looks nice , and the group chants in my ears keeps on going. You’re home, youre always home, you can switch tribes but you are always safe.
The Popol Vuh chanting keep on radiating on my brain’s alpha waves, the European sun lingers on. Its time for leave the airplane

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