Voice of the Eagle: A Robbie Basho Documentary

I’m excited. Just found out that there’s a new documentary in the making about the life and enigma of Robbie Bahso, one of my favorite musicians ever and a true influence on my music.
The film, by UK director Liam Baker, is now in the stages of crowd funding via Kickstarter.

Robbie Basho to me, is way way more than a musician. Aside for his brilliant musicianship and his ability to merge influences from Persia and Middle East, Japan and Classical Music, American Native and Jazz, his approach to the spirit in music is fascinating. The way he saw colors in chords and musical modes and his following of great eastern wisdoms are inspiring.

I’m curious about him more and more as a person, as I feel lately that music in my life should serve something, that is bigger than the music itself.
Music is a vessel that I fill in with emotions, and empty upon need, in order to fill it again when the next ‘wave’ comes. I’m not too sure that music itself has an importance other to deliver, not sure that it stands on its own as a ‘thing’ in the world.
Or in short – it’s a journey to lose the ego. That’s one of the resolutions I understand now, after been working with Farthest South for the last two years.

That’s also how I see Basho’s music. The music itself is almost not important, and the blend of styles is just a pure projection of stormy mind and heard that Basho carried in his short life.
I guess that Basho has been just one these rare souls, who happened to be musicians, and whom were sent to this planet to deliver a message of love to mankind. Furthermore, he was to deliver a message about the real importance of music as an entity that is only meant to deliver soul and heart chemistry,  in such way that people can engage better and perhaps understand.

I hope this film will reveal more about Basho the person, I’m thrilled that they make it. Pledge here. Visit the film Facebook page

Also, a live, previously unreleased Basho track was restored by the good guys in Grass Tops Production. They will also reissue his 1978 Visions Of The Country album on CD and will be out on August 2013. This recording is hauntingly beautiful.

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