Umberto’s Confrontations

It’s always the same scenario. I listen to WFMU>> learn that there’s a new Umberto album>> I go and check it out>> I’m having the greatest time>> I’m performing some weird dance moves with the music>> I look strange to people around me>> I don’t care>> There’s a new Umberto album.

A fantastic mixture of Italian disco, Italian hooror movies soundtracks, steady repetitive analog beats and pads, and a recollection of the works of Fabio Frizzi.
The new album Confrontation, released on Not Not Fun is his best to date and within the well defined playground of his own music world, the new album manages to bridge between space music and Terry Riley at times (You know how it is in the minimalist music world) blends some space music, some disco (someone should call Bob Chance and give him this record).
Definitely one of the best albums of 2013 for me.

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