Those Shocking Shaking Days – Sounds Of Stoned Indonesia

If you’d ask me, I would never believe that of all places, Indonesia would have a great psych/prog/funk scene.
Not because I don’t think they can, just that it’s not one of the obvious places that comes to mind when you think of stoned people and guitar fuzz. I should know, because Israel isn’t known at all for its musical activities in the 60’s-70’s, but it is still the country to release the masterpiece The Churchills album,  one of the best non UK/US psych albums, so I guess there’s a world out there, outside of US-UK.

So, when I bought These Shocking Shaking Days, a new compilation that documents the Indonesian psych and funk scene, I was pretty astonished to find such a kickass music. The bands are unknown (though maybe they are known to the locals?), and though they are quite different from one another, the entire compilation maintain a solid feeling, and it is a truly enjoyable listening.

This is one of the best psych compilation I stumbles upon, not only because you won’t find these tracks in 500 other compilations, but because the quality of the music is SO good, the songs are brilliant, and the guitars are crispy. For psych rock fans, this is a must have.  It was released on a cd and out in digital as well, but I guess the real trophy is the triple LP with the amazingly detailed booklet etc, this is my next purchase, I can’t be satisfied with the digital only.
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Rasela – Pemain Bola (Those Shocking Shaking Days)
Koes Plus – Mobil Tua

Stones Throw

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