The Revolution Has Now Ended; RIP Gil Scott-Heron

I just heard that spoken word, hip hop pioneer and a R&B legend Gil Scott-Heron had passed away.

Gil Scott Heron’s phrase the Revolution Will Not Be Televised is a part of our lingual index, be it in the original language or translated, it’s used many times in discussions about justice, freedom, peace, social and political behaviors. 
That was the great thing about Gill Scott Heron, his ability to provoke a thought, a discussion, to put the right flashlight on the hot potatoes of the news. 

Though he wasn’t active for many years due to his drug problem, his monumental albums like Pieces Of Man, Free Will or Small Talk at 125th and Lenox, were the mecca for every musician who wished to say something about injustice, society and liberation – or learn about a groove.


RIP Gil Scott Heron, your autenticity, words, power and your role as a messanger between uber-values and day to day people, will surly be missed.

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