The Reckoning by Steve Tilston

Steve Tilston don’t need an introduction. That’s, of course, if you live in normal world. But since we produce nuclear waste that will stay around for 5k years – forgive me for not treating the world as ‘normal’ and say couple of words about Steve Tilston.

Steve Tilson released almost 41 years ago, one of my all time singer/songwriter albums An Acoustic Confusion, a classic album featuring a fingerstyle guitar playing, beautiful singing and melodies and heartfelt lyrics.
Since then, Steve has been active in the British folk scene, released one beautiful album after another, yet somehow managed to stay one of the UK’s top secret. Tilston and Richard Thompson carries the torch and show the kids how to write a song properly.


Three years ago, he released the beautiful Ziggurat album, and again raised the standards of songwriting, to what appeared to be his top. But then he surprised, and released three months ago one of his most beautiful albums The Reckoning.

The new album shows, again, why I love Steve Tilston’s music so much. He has such an amazing guitar skill with beautiful and rich sound. He writes beautiful lyrics and melodies and has a touching voice. Aside to his guitar playing, we can hear additional instruments from time to time, but most of the time – he’s alone with his guitar. And it sounds SO beautiful.

Folk lovers, I can’t recommend you enough about The Reckoning, one of the best albums of 2011, easily.
(And he plays a reversed version of Davy Graham‘s Anji, which is super cool)


Steve Tiston- The Reckoning

Steve Tilston – Oil and Water

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