The Brilliant Mellow Side Of Steve Kilbey

For many people, The Church are ‘those dudes who wrote Under The Milky Way’.
That true, they did, and this song became a mega-super-ultra hit. This song is the brainchild of the band’s frontman Steve Kilbey.
Kilbey is a unique songwriter, his songs are always well crafted, and it is no surprise that The Church is still releasing albums, almost thirty years after their debut. And they never fail. While the Church usually wore the neo-psych outfit, even when the shimmering 12 strings guitars were pushed aside to more solid rock songs, Steve Kilbey was maintaining a solo career, that didn’t always drove the fast line of 60’s inspired pop.

I should also mention that The Church’s guitarist Marty Wilson Piper had played a significant role as the band’s second songwriter, and wrote many brilliant songs as well.So, considering all the above, and given the fact The Church kept improving over the years, it comes as no surprise that Kilbey’s solo projects outside the band will be stunning. Unseen Music Unheard Words is a perfect example.

Kilbey joined Martin Kennedy from the Aussie ambient/cinematic band All India Radio (a brilliant band on their own, check it out) to release a beautiful album, that was released in 2009.
Words is essentially the product of a co-writing process of the two. Kilbey brings some of his most beautiful lyrics ever and his silky, warm baritone voice, that fits perfectly with Kennedy’s ambient/soft electronica and grooves. The result is really amazing. You can hear The Church there, but it’s far from the electric guitars that this band is so identified by.

This album is half acoustic and half electronic, but it keeps a mellow mood and some sort of a late night feel, much thanks to the superb sound and production.
The compositions are, as usual, catchy and emotional and the entire albums flows like a quiet river.

So for any Church/Kilbey fans, do not miss one of his most amazing works, this album is guaranteed to keep you warm throughout the nasty weather out there.

Steve Kilbey and Martin Kennedy – All Is One
Steve Kilbey and Martin Kennedy – Maybe Soon
Steve Kilbey and Martin Kennedy – Under The Milky Way (Live)

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