Taming The Impala And Feeling Sorry For MGMT

Tame Impala

Just yesterday I wrote about the new Smoke Fairies album and how it rocked my world and apperantley this is a good time in my life, as a another album refuses to leave my stereo system.

Tame Impala is a new psychedelic trio from Perth, Australia. Of all bands in the world that could be less geographically challenging, Impala were chosen to be the opening act in the current MGMT US tour. That means something about their blend of pop and psych. And that’s exactley what they are.

This debut album, Innerspeaker, is a perfect mixture of Todd Rundgren from one hand, Beach House from another, some kraut elements, and lots of groove. They’re not into the long fuzzy guitar solos, they mostly sound like a side project of English band Beyond The Wizzard Sleeve. It’s like thick layers of hazey sounds runs continuesly throughout the album and while the songs are different, it sounds like one long song. And I’m not saying that in a way to show boredom. On the conterary, the similarity in dynamics and sound takes the listener through a strange journey that after it ends, you think to yourself – did i really listen to that album or was I dreaming? Yes, this is hypnotic album.
Tame Impala
Surprisingly or not, their sound and style also reminds me of another Australian band called The Sun Blindness who released their album in 2008, titled Like Pearly Clouds and it’s one of those further listening recommendations. Both bands have something very air-y (lots of air in the arrangements and production, and sometimes reminds of the French band with the same name)

This is a true stunning debut for this band and I suspect that choosing them to be the opening act might just be MGMT’s biggest mistake ever, as this band really overshadows the toy balloons and games of the older sis.

Tame Impala – Alter Ego
Tame Impala – Jeremy’s Storm
The Sun Blindness – Jeremy Stares Into The Sun

Get the album from the band directly

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