STR Mixtape : The Michael Chapman Special

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This week’s mixtape, like the rest of the week and next week as well, is a part of the Michael Chapman Celebration, in honor of his 70’s birthday, and the upcoming new release of Trainsong:Guitar Compositions 1967-2010 that will be out with Tompkins Square in January 25th.
All the songs here are by Chapman and although it doesn’t give a 1% glimpse of what this guy can do – it’ll will give you
and idea of his music

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STR Mixtape – The Michael Chapman Special
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Title Album Starting Time
Lovin’ Dove Savage Amusment
Fennario Wrecked Again 03:22
Sweet Little Friend From Georgia Trainsong 10:13
The Banjo Song Deal Gone Done 14:06
Wrecked Again Wrecked Again 17:27
The First Leaf Of Autumn Wrecked Again 22:04
In The Valley And Then There Were Three 26:05
Soulful Lady Fully Qualified Survivor 36:22
Bon Ton Roolay Plaindealer 40:27
No Song To Sing Rainmaker 44:39
Slowcoach Trainsong 48:16
Hobo’s Meditation Savage Amusment 53:09
Sometimes Time Passed And Time Passing 56:18
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