Smooth On The Edges: Alex De Grassi – Southern Exposure

Every now and then I try to give another shot to records that I gave up on, I try to keep it positive and time and after time find out what’s that little thing that may show up and turn me on.


Such record is Alex De GrassiSouthern Exposure‘ whom I had for many years but always felt careless about it for being too softy. That Winhdam Hill sound, isn’t always  easy to me. It often sound too ‘right’, no rough edges, no wrinklers, no scars.


But I fell in love with that record, and it was ’36’, the third track from this album, that really opened my ears.
Alex’s playing is gentle yet very confident. He produces rich sound out of a solo instrument and the compositions are recalls elements from Bright Size Life and Pierre Bensusan while you can hear a certain ‘Takoma’ background there in the back.
Very imaginary and beautiful. Highly recommended for guitar music fans.

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