She Bangs The Drums; The Cults Percussion Ensemble

It has been a long time that I’ve wanted to write about Wilco’s drummer Glenn Kotche’s solo album Mobile. I always promise myself to write about it, and it’s always been pushed aside. Now, after I listened repeatedly to the stunning new reissue of The Cults Percussion Ensemble, I was inspired to write about it. Just not today. Today it’s all about the girls.

Ron Forbes was a percussion teacher in the CultsĀ suburbĀ in Aberdeen. He gathered nine girls, avg. age of 14, all plays tuned percussion instruments like can bee seen in the picture, and they all went to record a beautiful, hypnotizing album back in 1976.
Sadly and obviously, the record was long gone and forgotten until the amazing Trunk Records reissued it just now (click the link to read more about the album and the reissue process).

The girls are playing vibraphone, chimes, drum sets and all sorts of other supercool, exotic instruments that will apply any Les Baxter or Frank Zappa fans. The music is dreamy, hopeful and cheerful, humble and overall – pure fun.
I’m having lots of fun listening to this album in the last couple of days, try it out, when was the last time music made you smile?

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