Seabuckthorn: Metallic Raindrops Falling

I’m thinking of the first word that pops in my head when I listen to Seabuckthorn’s new album ‘They Haunted Most Thickly‘, and the same word comes again and again – metal.

For an acoustic album that features a 12 string acoustic guitar and a resonator, it might be a strange word to be associated with.
It might be the open strings buzzing around with their low-end frequencies, and it might be your first encounter with the album’s vibe – its front cover. Grey waters, grey clouds, all metallic.

They Haunted Most Thickly is a beautiful album, it doesn’t sound like an instrumental guitar album, it sounds more like an album that has been created by lonely sailor on a boat, crossing the raging waters on its way to wherever. The sailor feels the boat rocking, the fear from the big sky, the little drops of water everywhere, but mainly the absolute meaningless human being facing nature.
Seabuckthorn - They Haunted Most Thickly
In a sense, it’s an ambient album, melodies are less catchy or important than the sound Seabuckthorn created. I like Greg Malcolm’s music very much, and Seabuckthorn’s album really reminded me of Malcolm’s works. Dark yet hopeful, strange yet welcoming, sounds as if it came from a distance but actually played by the guy next door.

A beautiful album that sets a relaxing, though sometimes a bit disturbed mood. I’m sure you have moments like these during the week, let this album be the soundtrack for these moments.

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