Records I’ve Enjoyed In 2013 – Part 2/4

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Glenn Jones – My Garden State

Like every record by Glenn, it’s a master’s work of deep observation, a reflection of emotions through his fingers, strings and melodies. It was a big year for Glenn and I was happy to see him getting a bigger recognition like he deserves. Beautiful album, full with goodies, essential.  (Thrill Jockey)

Steve Gunn – Time Off

Steve Gunn is a superb and very interesting guitarist and composer. He’s a master of the delta blues and the old American Primitive (god I hate this term), but you can sense his background is varied and contains even some British Folk. This is his first album as a trio leader, and it is highly recommended.  (Paradise of Bachelors)

Zs – Grain

I’m not sure I know what to say about the album. It’s like an intense journey to the heart of an electric circuit, passing through LSD-soaked transistors. Two long tracks that will drop the floor beneath your legs. (Northern Spy)

Jon Hopkins – Immunity

Probably the most soothing electronic album of the year for me. So touching, heartful and warm. It conquered my heart and came to stay. They summarized it well on Domino’s websiteImmunity is the most human electronic album you’ll hear this year. Damn right.

Ken Camden – Space Mirror


A member of the Chicago band Implodes, Ken Camden released a spacey psychedelic album, very kosmish, the way I like my psychedelic albums. Once you start this trip, you don’t want it to end. (Kranky)

Sean McCann – Music For Private Ensembles

“McCann played violin, viola, cello, flute, piano, glockenspiel, and percussion. He was forced to notate samples of bassoon, french horn, and timpani, as those were not available resources at the time. Taking multi-tracking to extremes, many of the pieces surpass 100 layers of instruments”.
Incredible neo-classical music, not only for classical music fans (actually, it’s recommended to non classical music fans) . Also check out his many releases on his Bandcamp page. (Recital Program records) .

Richard Youngs – Summer Through My Mind

Always interesting, always inspiring. Richard Youngs combines experiments in folk music and in electronics, sometimes he does both. Boomkat got it right – it’s a country album without being a country album.  Delivered from a true genius with more than 40 releases under his name. Oh, and while you’re at it, my favorite radio session of this year was Young’s at Dan Bodah’s WFMU program. The entire session is available here for a free download – you don’t want to miss it.  (Ba Da Bing)

ColorlistSky Song

A cinematic, jazzy harmonic modular synths, almost a Robert Wyatt-ish Dondestan like album. It wraps you in warm feelings and compassion, what we all need. (Serein)


Clint Mansell – Filth

Clint Mansell actually released two soundtracks this year, both are beautiful – Stoker and Filth. I had to pick one so I went for Filth for no obvious reason, they are both just as terrific. Mansell’s melodic lines, drama, orchestrations and arrangements are really inspiring for me as musician. If you don’t know his works, don’t miss the amazing Moon soundtrack (the movie is superb as well). (Milan Records)

Gnod – Chaudelande

Where powerful psychedelia, kraut, stoner and hard rock blends into one masterpiece. This is one of the best records I’ve this year. It’s majestic, whispering sounds of wisdom everywhere. (Rocket Recordings)

Greek Rhapsody – Instrumental Music from Greece 1905-1956

One of the most fascinating musical documents of this year, Dust To Digital released this compilation of Greek music from the years 1905-1956 compiled by Tony Klein. On the same subject, you’re welcome to check out the Greek-Israeli-Surf guitar legend Aris San compilation I made couple of months ago (Dust to Digital)

Wire – Change Become Us

A new album by Wire. Nothing more to say, take it or leave it folks. (Pink Flag)

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