Papercut’s New Album Will Be Out In March with SubPop

The fabulous dream-pop-phil-spector-beta-band kind of mashup band, Papercuts, will issue their new, fourth album Fading Parade on Sub Pop.
Papercuts - Fading Parade

The album, due to be released in March 1, 2011, was produced by the legendary producer Thom Monahan.
The first song that was released from the new album, Do What You Will, follows a classic Papercuts type of songwriting, though I must say the whole package sounds more solid and glued together. The musicians sits tight and the production is just the right amount of Wall-Of-Sound to avoid the tribute and take advantage of the technique.

If the album will sound like this song, and based on our previous experience with this band – this record will be a serious candidate in the best-of-2011.

Papercuts – Do What You Will


  1. Do You Really Wanna Know
  2. Do What You Will
  3. I’ll See You Later, I Guess
  4. Chills
  5. The Messenger
  6. White Are the Waves
  7. Wait Till I’m Dead
  8. Marie Says You’ve Changed
  9. Winter Daze
  10. Charades
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