Padna – Burnt Offerings

I’ve missed out Padna‘s Burnt Offerings, that was released at the end of 2012. So I’m happy to announce that for my 2013 end-of-the-year-list, this album is considered by me to be a 2013 album. It deserves that attention.
The excellent Australian label Preservation Records released the album in a limited edition of 300 cd’s as a part of its Circa 2012 series of ltd etidion cd’s.
All artworks were created by Mark Gowing who created abstract grids of Alphabetical shapes trapped in it.

Padna - Burnt Offerings
The interesting thing about this album, is that it is way far from being trapped in some sort of a grid. However, like its artwork, the music is composed of basic elements and sometimes raw sounds that create some sort of a form, while still maintaining a free vibe.

Nat Hawks is Padna, who built his name in the cassette scene of Stunned Records. He brings a beautiful combination of sounds, melodic lines and overall beauty. Gentle acoustic guitar, with synths, electric violin and toys. The music is quiet and lonely, like a movie scene about a teenager, sits alone in a dirty classroom at 16:30 after all the bullies left, trying to do his homework.

Psychedelic music feel is all over the album, but not from the fuzzy guitars/reversed audio/huge reverbs aesthetic, but one that comes from the gentleness and delicate weirdness winds that blow in the album veins and creating a magical melodic candy.

I’ve been listening to this album for a month now and keeps on coming back to it. Maybe it’s the minimalism that addicts me, maybe it’s the variety of musical ideas that doesn’t build one clear narrative, but rather present a picture of burnt down ideas, barely managed to keep themselves standing above ground, after the fireman has left the scene.

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