[Mixtape] And Then The Earth Moved

Winter is crawling in,
The body gets prepared
Food for the mind, food for the heart, Food for the soul

This mixtape captures moments of the fragile earth and the endless space. No boundaries, as it is all available for us, it is all here, it is all possible. Life is a sweet cement.

(Photo by Prakhar, under CC)

And Then The Earth Moved by Yair Yona on Mixcloud

1. Tania Giannouli – Cycle
2. Deep Magic – Light Dark
3. Andrew Tuttle – 4064
4. Rafael Anton Irisarri – Lesser Than The Sum Of Its Parts
5. Family of Apostolic – Grotesque Silly Bird
6. Ori Avni – Two Hourse Drive
7. Florian Fricke – I’m One With The Earth (Track III/ Also appears in Popol Vuh’s Spirit Of Piece)
8. Matt Baldwin – Triangle
9. Jüppala Kääpiö – Brise
10. Roger Eno – A Paler Sky
11. Cul De Sac – I Remember Nothing More
12. Maps and Diagrams – Found Objects
13. Farthest South – Spheres & Constellations (Excerpt)

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