Martha Tilston – Machine Of Love and Grace

“It’s hard these days to keep our tangled hearts clear/you wanna pay the mortgage and the sofa’s in arrears””
Martha Tilston has a new album out, her sixth, titles Machine Of Love and Grace.

I love Martha’s music, ever since I accidentally saw her in 2002. It was an amazing show, afterwards I went to buy the cd from her and I remember how she hand-drawn the artwork with a blue pen on a white cd blanket carton. She was an extremely nice and pleasant person.

She’s one of the leading figures in the new British folk scene, daughter of singer/songwriter Steve Tilston (one of the best songwriters in the UK) and Maggie Boyle (trad folk singer).
The good genes probably helped her songwriting skills, but she’s not a musician to be overshadowed by her parents, she’s god her own musical say, catchy melodies and beautiful lyrics and a good sense for traditional folk interpretations as well.
Yes, it’s easy to fall in love with her.

In her sixth album, she managed to leave the trad. behind and slowly moved to a slightly more American songwriting style. Of course, when I say American, I mean Joni Mitchell. Wait, she’s Canadian.
Her phrasing is similar to Joni’s, short musical line with a long lyrical line. You can hear that in songs like the beautiful Blue Eyes.

Lyrically, this album deals a lot with politics. Whether we’re talking about women’s status in society (Silent Woman), or talking about money (Wall Street) or other issues. But when she talks politics, she loses the criticism on the current state, and deals with questions rather then answers. She don’t preach, she wishes.

Her choice of view of the political issues suits her musical character perfectly, which creates true authenticity, I love it.

Martha Tilston’s Machine Of Love and Grace is a beautiful record, one of the best of 2012 for me.

Martha Tilston – Wall Street
Martha Tilston – Silent Women

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