Isbells Find His Peace Of Mind

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There’s something in bedroom recordings that I really like. It’s a fusion point of the artist with his songs, his natural surroundings, his familiar view outside of the window, and the freedom to record in the exact time it feels right for him.

Isbells is essentially Belgian songwriter GaĆ«tan Vandewoude who played in couple of bands in the past, but decided to go solo, record his songs in the environment I mentioned above. The result is a beautiful, emotional album, with an aching longing feeling and introspective lyrics. His sometime falsetto voice is penetrating, and the melodies are catchy and bring to mind the obvious Elliott Smith, but also Neil Halstead’s solo albums, Amit Erez’s delicacy and Joseph Arthur’s power of delivery.

A wonderful album for the brokenhearted, and for those who had enough with the outside noise.

B.B Chevelle
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[RIYL] Elliott Smith, Amit Erez, Neil Halstead

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