He Knows It All For 15 Years

Rockfour is considered by many to be one of the most influential and important psychedelic rock bands to emerge from Tel Aviv, Israel.

For 15 years, the band released ten albums,both in Hebrew and English that marked the band as true innovator of the neo-psych sound, while still keeping loyalty to their father figures of 60’s groups like The Byrds, The Zombies, Love, Beach Boys, Pink Floyd, and obviously – The Beatles. Their lead singer for many years left in 2004, however the band continued to release brilliant albums like the Cooking Vinyl release of Memories Of The Never Happened and the 2010 The Wonderful World with their current label Anova Music.
Rockfour - The Man Who Saw It All
In 1995, the band had released one of the most brilliant albums I know, and of my all time favorite psychedelic rock albums – The Man Who Saw It All.
Everything that I’d say about this album would do this injustice, as this album, psychedelic rock in its core, had really changed many people’s perspective about music and production.

Fueled by 12 strings Rickenbacker guitars and bass, heavy drumming, strings, tape loops, unrecognized sound effects, beautiful melodies, strong vocals and harmonies and powerful band dynamics, makes this album a true masterpiece.
Though sang in Hebrew, this is a true must have for any fans of 60’s psych fans out there, and what I see as a true masterwork of music production and innovation in a field that many have passed through before.
Kol Kivun (From The Man Who Saw It All)

The band had performed number of times in the last couple of months, in sold out shows, dedicated to the ’15 years’ celebration of the album. Last night they performed this brilliant set of songs, which was a showcase of psychedelic guitars, sound and stage presence. They asked another famous Israeli musician – Maor Cohen, to join the party, and he took the lead on the band’s cover of The Who‘s Pinball Wizard.

This cover was performed previously ten years ago, again, with Cohen on lead vocals, and the performance was later released in their For Fans Only album, a collection of live takes, b-sides and rarities.
I took a video footage of that performance last night:

…And another perspective…

You should really get yourself a copy of The Man Who Saw It All, and check out their other albums, it’s a celebration for you psych-heads out there!

Rockfour – Sof Haderech
Rockfour – Ktifa Shchora (‘Black Velvet’ from The Man Who Saw It All)
Rockfour – Another Beginning (B-Side, appears in For Fans Only)

[RIYL] Zombies, Love, Grandaddy, Flaming Lips, Beach Boys, West Coast Psych

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