FMP Catalog on Destination: Out Webstore (And a Word About Peter Brotzmann)

I read a lot of music blogs and websites regularly. Within the 150+ websites I visit often, there are couple of blogs that stand out thanks to the information provided, the knowledge of the writer and general artistic line that I find myself close to. One of these websites is the free jazz blog Destination:Out .

Aside from being a really interesting, insightful blog, it also has a digital store over in Bandcamp (Since September last year). You can read the webstore’s mission statement over here/

The great thing about their online store, is that they are exclusively represent the titles of the legendary German free jazz label FMP.
This was truly an amazing label, that released albums to heroes such as Keith Tippet, Noah Howard, Steve Lacy, Even Parker, Peter Brotzmann and others.
The Destination: Out store sell and will sell, in print and out of print releases, some areĀ  extremely sought after collectors items. They sell it for a completely reasonable prices of 11$ or so, and you get a fabulous catalog.

Yesterday I stumbled upon this amazing album by Peter Brotzmann called 14 Love Poems (And Ten More), and was completely blown away by it. The Brotzmann I knew is a serial killer, hard edged musician with sharp aggressions. But in this album, that is all a solo effort, I find a different, lyrical approach by Peter Brotzmann. He switches from tenor to alt to baritone to bass clarinet, his tone is just gorgeous and the sound quality is so good that you can all the nuances and the spirit goes through.

Good thing is that you can listen to the albums entirely before making a purchase, and I believe that if you’re fans of free improvised music, you ought to check this album by Brotzmann and the entire Destination: Out webstore. Have fun.
<a href=”” _mce_href=””>14 Love Poems [plus 10 more] by Destination: OUT store</a>

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