Delays, Reverb and Ancient Chants, by Sun Araw

Sun Araw

The same aesthetics elements that I liked in Psychedelic Horseshits music – also exists in the music of Sun Araw.
Though SA are less poppish and dive much deeper into their Cosmic Joker’s influences, there are still resembles.
I’ve been following Cameron Stallones and his Sun Araw band for quite some time, after I’ve heard them in WFMU and I’m always thrilled to hear their distorted vocals and guitars, filtered on their way to somehow define their very own style.

Sun Araw

their latest album in Woodsist, Off Duty/Boat Trip, released six months ago, was a real serial killer. Spacey and reverbred, delay effects jumps up and down, the way I like my modern psych.
Have a listen and see for yourself.

Sun Araw – Last Chants

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