David Kilgour’s New Album ‘Left By Soft’ Is Out! So Long Four Years Of Waiting!

David Kilgour is one legendary persona.
Leader of the post punk New Zealand band The Clean for couple of years, before turning to a stunning solo career, Kilgour positioned himself as a remarkable songwriter and guitarist.

I remember stumbling upon his 1994 album Sugar Mouth, when I was in a heavy Robyn Hitchcock phase in life, and looked for similar stuff.  I was really psyched about that record for couple of months.
Not that Kilgour and Hitchcock are THAT similar, but there are some resembles in the jingle jangle pop, ringing guitar sounds, and iconic vocals, not to mention clever lyric writing.

In a way, Kilgour is the New Zealand answer Doug Martsch (Built To Spill) or Stephan Malkmus (Pavement), in a sense that the three of them are very precise guitarists, no flashy moves, just the right tone, the right note, in the right moment.  All learned from the great master – George Harrison.

Yesterday, Kilgour had released his new album in four years, titled Left By Soft via Merge Records. It is available for a full stream on Paste magazine, listen to this perfect gem, and see for yourself why this album is a must have.
Also, check out this interview with Kilgour in Bomblog, he also made them a mixtape.

David Kilgour & the Heavy Eights – Diamond Mine


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