Daisy, Where Did You Go ; Marissa Nadler New Song

Daisy And Violet Hilton

The story of Daisy and Violet Hilton is rather a sad one.
The Hilton twins were born in the beginning of the previous century, connected in their hips and quickly their biological mom sold them to one mama Hilton, who saw the great opportunity in the twins and decided on their destiny – the freak show of the Hilton twins. Circus freaks.
And so, that’s how the poor twins lived their lives and they went from one city to another and gave their act.
That lasted until 1969, when Daisy got a deadly flue and died.
Her twin, Violet, passed away four days later.

Marissa Nadler

Indeed a very sad and disturbing story, and the gorgeous Marissa Nadler decided to write a song about them. A new song by Nadler is a great news, especially when it’s given to us listeners for free.
For those who didn’t have the chance to stumble upon Nadler’s amazing talent,  I can only say she is a folk singer, very dreamy and imaginary, with the most beautiful angelic voice, and full of large caves reverb.
The new song Daisy, Where Did You Go is just that, angelic and dreamy, and very very sad.

Marissa Nadler – Daisy Where Did You Go

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