Chillin’ With Leo Kottke’s Shout Towards Noon

Shout Towards Noon
is one of those records that should pop in your mind when you wake up on a Sunday morning, still hanged over, and you need something to float around you like river water, to make you feel relaxed, and ease whatever it is you need to ease.

This Leo Kottke‘s 1986 album, shows a different Kottke then we knew so far; Usually, his playing and composition is funky, jumpy and full of tricks. That’s maybe the reason why people see him as a ‘guitarists guitarist’.

But if you listened to Kottke’s rich catalog, you know that every album has couple of beautiful ballads, he takes a rest and going chill. Shout Towards Noon is an album that works on a reversed formula – an album of quiet ballads, peaceful and beautiful, with couple of funky tracks amongst them (Like Air Proofing Two or the album opener Little Beaver).

The melodies are so beautiful, and so heartbreaking, that you want to listen to the album over and over and over again. In his Kottke style of composing, he combines folk, jazz and classic influences, played remarkably, by a true guitar mastero. So if you know Kottke so far as the killer guitarist with many tricks up in his sleeve – Shout Towards Noon will reveal a different Kottke, or at least augment what we knew all along – that he’s a sensitive, emotional and overall perfect composer and player.

Leo Kottke – First To Go

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