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Seabuckthorn: Metallic Raindrops Falling

I’m thinking of the first word that pops in my head when I listen to Seabuckthorn’s new album ‘They Haunted Most Thickly‘, and the same word comes again and again – metal. For an acoustic album that features a 12 string … Continue reading

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New Shirley Collins Documentary Is Kickstarting

Buck from Arborea sent me an exciting email, telling me about a new Shirley Collins doco that is now kickstarting. If you came so far, you probably know who Shirley Collins is (and if not – don’t worry, I’ve included a … Continue reading

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A New Album by Farthest South!

A little self promo here – yesterday we had self releasing Farthest South‘s new album Omens & Talismans. Farthest South (Yair Etziony on electronics, Barry Berko on guitar, me on bass) is an improv band I’m playing in for the last … Continue reading

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