Albert Beger Is A Peacemaker

Tel Aviv based boutique label Anova Music, will be releasing the brand new album by free-jazz pioneer and innovator Albert Beger.
Beger, 51, is considered to be the most dominant figure in the Israeli free-jazz/avantgarde scene in the country, somewhat of a cult hero and a winner of the prime minister’s prize (yes, there is such thing).

The new album, titled Peacemaker, comes three years after his astonishing album Big Mother.
In Peacemaker, Albert is taking an introspective look to the individual self, exploring the inner peace of the living creature.

With his new band, The Albert Beger Electroacoustic Band, he explores the aesthetics of the traditional acoustic instruments along with electronic music and laptop player.
Aside from Albert Himself, the band is a gathering of amazing musicians ; Avi Elbaz on laptop and electronics, Ido Bukelman on guitars, Assaf Hakimi on double Bass and Dan Banedikt on drums.

Albert Beger

The album will be released on September 15th, and will be available through the Anova Music Webstore and digitally worldwide.

[RIYL] Albert Ayler, Steve Lacy, Ken Vandermark
[Audio] Albert Beger – The One (From “Big Mother”)

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