Alan Courtis / Aaron Moore: Bring Us Some Honest Food

The automatic mechanism in me is trying logically to analyze the music that I listen to.
Maybe it’s a relic of the time where I used to work as record store Jack Black kind of guy and all music was first categorized, analyzed, indexed, and only then – listened to with attention, if at all. It wasn’t a very musical time in my life.


So in order not to hurt the attention, I’m trying to keep the left hemisphere of the brain out and embrace signals coming from the right. And from listening for the last month or so to the new Alan Courtis / Aaron Moore album Bring Us Some Honest Food (Dancing Wayang Records) – the right hemisphere says – party on man.

And it’s an album of complexity, pushing and pulling. The music starts and stops as if it was touching an open wound of a great friend, aiming to heal but end up hurting. It’s melancholic and functions as a defective lung, works only upon certain energies that come from the brain.

The music belongs to one of the greatest invention of modern music writing – the ‘post-everything’ title. I wouldn’t be able to hum one tune, because the music is not lyrical, it doesn’t speak in musical phrases, it speaks in changing consciousness states, and in sounds who hope to capture what was there in the room at one moment in time. It’s random, it’s a living organism.

The album is now out and here’s a little taste of it.


Courtis Moore

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