A Soaring Pray For Freedom: Warren Ellis – Mustang

In the Jewish Hagada, the book that the family reads together near the dinner table at Passover, they tell the story of the Jewish people in their long journey from their slavery time in Egypt, towards the land of Israel,  where they became free.
It’s a story about determination, courage, and faith. I don’t know if god exists or not, but the essence of faith in something that is bigger then them, gave them the power to go through all that, towards the end goal. It’s a story about a battle for life.

Yet often you go into the battlefield to fight for your causes, and you have no idea how it’ll end. You can of course, die, physically or spiritually, but you can also become the greatest winner. This is not always up to you. The choice of going to the battle IS.
The little child in Mustang understood it very well. She saw freedom disappearing from her life gradually and decided to fight back.
For what’s life without freedom? How can one live under oppression? I see it everyday in my country, with my country opresses millions. They fight back. I would have fought back too.
When you got nothing, and got nothing to lose right, the fight is less scary, it’s the only way.

The little girl fought for her freedom, The Jewish people fought the same fight too, thousands of years ago, and we all fighting for a personal freedom everyday.
Not to become corporate slaves, not to lose yourself in a relationship, not to become your children’s greatest pleaser, not to eat the doughnut.

Fights for freedom always worth it. To me, death is better than living in slavery or oppression of any kind. Life itself is meaningless if you can’t look back in retrospect and claim to yourself that yeah, some of the time you were oppressed, but most of the time you fought it. You didn’t win every day, but you did your best. And that, like Mark Arm said, is good enough.

So Warren Ellis’ violin glues together this concept of oppression-fight for freedom in a beautiful way. Though the film’s plot takes place in Turkey and you may expect the music will go towards that direction, it remains super environmental, free from borders and cultural definitions of sounds and harmony. just a soaring violin pray for liberation and independency.

When I sat in the movie theatre, that soaring pray by Ellis was what made me feel the hero’s experience, and link it to my own personal experience. His music made and still makes me think of my own liberation.
Luckily, in so many aspects in life, I can say to myself, yeah man, you eventually did your way, but you have a long way to go. And that music by Warren Ellis escorts this stream of thought, and paints it in dark-happy colors.
The Mustang soundtrack was released by the great Milan Records.
Warren Ellis Mustang Soundtrack

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