A New Track By Glenn Jones – On The Massachusetts-Virginia Border

Glenn Jones

On the exciting news of today – Thrill Jockey finally announced they will release a new Glenn Jones album around the summer.
Glenn is one of my all time favorite guitarists and composers in the new American Primitive style, and it was his first solo album This Is The Wind That Blows It Out that convinced me I can stop singing and just stick to instrumental compositions.
So in many ways, Glenn is held responsible for me starting my career as a composer, therefore I owe him big time.

With Strange Attractors Audio House, a label I’m proudly signed to, Glenn had released three albums, plus many albums with his psych-kraut-avantgard band Cul De Sac, one of my all time fav bands of the genre.
He was also a close friend of the late Jack Rose and the two also released a DVD.

Aside for the full album due in August, Thrill Jockey will release a limited edition 1000 copies split album, for the upcoming Record Store day (April 12), with couple of tracks by Glenn and Charlie Parr and the Black Twig Pickers.
The label had offered us a free track of Glenn’s side of the split Even to Win Is to Fail, titles On The Massachusetts-Virginia Border, and I’m super excited about this.
Also, Glenn has been working on a John Fahey box set for ten years now, which is due to be released soon. He wrote about the project in the excellent Delta Slider blog. Do read it, it’s fascinating.

[Audio] Glenn Jones – On The Massachusetts-Virginia Border

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