Records I’ve Enjoyed In 2013 – Part 1/4

So it’s the end of the year, and it’s time to mention again some of the albums I’ve written about during the year and some albums that I didn’t find the time or mood to write about and really worth your attention. No particular order or style, I hope you will enjoy this four parts list. There were more incredible records I’ve heard this year, but these are the ones that I went back to listen time after time after time.

2013 on a personal level
In 2013 my band Farthest South released its debut album, a free jazz-meets experimental psychedelic music album called Omens & Talismans.

On December 13th (which is today!), we released our second album Spheres & Constellations which is a more ambient/drone/trippy space journey. You’re all welcome to listen to an excerpt, I hope you’ll enjoy it. The album is now available.

And now, the lists.
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Sun City Girls – Eye Mohini

The third singles collection by the amazing influential trio. This collection covers rarities from the late 80’s-early 90’s (including music from their masterpiece Torch Of Mystics). Experimental, eastern, Asian, Arabic, all in one album. Essential. (Abduction Records)

Big Blood – Radio Valkyrie 1905-1917

The duo from Maine with yet another incredible album, lo-fi bizarre folk music, made of layers of sounds, captivating melodies and mumbling. I’ve written about this one here. (Feeding Tube Records)

Robbie Basho – Visions Of the Country

A wonderful reissue of one of the most beautiful albums Robbie Basho had recorded. Kyle Fosburgh of Grass-Top Recordings wrote a guest post in Small Town Romance when this album was out, and it’s available on CD and LP (On the Gnome Life label). Do not miss it.


Gargle and Bosques De Mi Mente – Absence

Put in short, this record came at a time where I had just a bit too much of orchestrated, big, post rock sounds. With shorter pieces and beautiful melodies and originality, this Japanese-Spanish project is one of the best albums of this year for me. See more here  (Flutter Records)

Mind Over Mirrors – When The Rest Are Up At Four

Somewhere between Terry Riley, Harmonia and Neu, comes this great album of Jaime Fennelly, aka Mind Over Mirrors. This is really brain melting and essential album for fans of the names above. I wrote about it several of months ago, see here. (Immune Recordings)

Pan American – Cloud Room, Glass Room

When we found out my dog had another tumor, and while she was in surgery, this album was comforting me and made me feel somehow, that everything will be alright. I wrote about it out of a stream of consciousness. (Kranky)

Rockfour – Too Many Organs

Tenth studio album for this influential alternative Israeli band. I don’t get it how ‘Two Miles‘ didn’t become an overnight college radio hit single but oh well. (Anova Music)

The Entrance Band – Dans La Tempete

Great kick-ass EP. A mixture of garage, psych, Peter Green and Scott Walker – all in small doses. I wrote about it here (Spiritual Pajamas)


Each and every album, Umberto gets better and better. I like his selection of sounds, old drum machines and 80’s retro chic. Just with, you know, UFO’s.  (Not Not Fun)

Mammane Sani Et Son Orgue – La Musique Electronique du Niger

The wonderful Sahel Sounds label never fails to give us only the best music from Western Africa.  Mammane Sani is a big and popular name in Nigeria, with his organ based music. This album was released on cassette back in the 80’s, now it’s back. (Sahel Sounds)

Tanger Trio & Ensemble Mondaine 

Flim noir, black long coats, freezing Europe. This is a mixture of cocktail jazz,  theater, and cabaret instrumental music. A piano led trio, highly recommended. I wrote more here (Series Aphonos)

Krzysztof Komeda –  Cul-De-Sac / The Fearless Vampire Killers

I don’t think I should say more, it’s Komeda, with two brilliant films and two brilliant soundstracks now reissued. But I did say more about it, before. (Series Aphonos)


Jetman Jet Team – We Will Live the Space Age

This album arrived thanks to the good hands of faith. A man is looking for a George Russel album and finds a young Seattle band playing amazing psychedelia.  They bring influences from Jesus and Mary Chain to Flying Saucer Attack, obviously My Bloody Valentine and Ride. The band also sent me a list of their influences you can check it out in the link. (Saint Marie Records)


Chuck Johnson – Crows in the Basilica

Chuck Johnson who had released the beautiful A Struggle Is Not a Thought in 2010, is doing it again with another extraordinary acoustic guitar album. Modest, focused, perfect sound and vision, deserves all the best words people said about it when it was out. (Three Lobbed Records)

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