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Wooly Jumpers EP#1
A very interesting EP landed in my folder couple of days ago, by French label Wool Records.
I already wrote about another release of this great label, the Pinneapple Dream by Double U and it’s no surprise that this new release of theirs includes Double U once again.

Wooly Jumpers EP#1 is a terrific EP, the first in a series of ep’s the label plans to release that contains songs by artists they like. It’s a nice concept, and you can consider it as an extended split album (usually contains two artists). The first EP contains four completley different artists, that somehow manage to keep a solid identity throughout these four tracks.
First, you have Stereolab‘s vocalist Laetitia Sadier. Her song Long Legs will actually appear later on this year on her new Drag City album (Due October 2010), but where the her album will have the song with orchestration (feat. Richard Swift on piano) – this is an acoustic, heartbreaking and shiver version.

Next you have a true acid-folk/anti-folk/whatever-folk hero Castantes, which, with more justice in this bizarre world, would have been a much more significant band then, say, Devendra. This group, led by Raymond Esposa, has released couple of great albums so far, with Esposa delicate, bluesy and warm voice, and idyocentric delivery. Pretty Little Eyes is just a beautiful, simple and direct love song.
Peter Brodrieck‘s song Man On The Bridge, is a hunting ambient piece, for Eno fans who loves a more frequent happenings in their keyboard pads. The ambient piece turns into a guitar picked singer/songwriter song. Beautiful.
Peter Broderick

It all ends up with Breathing The Wind, by Double U, who brings another ambient piece with a tribal feel and minimalistic piano and cello, that brings to mind terrific creators like Rafael Anton Irisarri. Deeply melancholic and led by a solitude, abandoned feeling, this is a perfect ending for this EP.

So with just four songs, the listener is convoyed to a mixture of feelings. No musician is happy in these recordings, but nevertheless it is not a depressing album. The concept is great, the songs are wonderful and make you play that record again and again (which I did) and it’s a great kick off for this series of EP’s, kinda make me wonder what will the next one contain.

Castanets – Pretty Little Eyes

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