Wire’s Red Barked Tree

Nothing new in this post, just another music fan who wants to share his thoughts with the world about the new and amazing album,Red Barked Tree, by British heroes Wire (like so many others did before me).

Wire is one of the most important bands to emerge from late seventies UK post punk movement. Ever since their stunning debut masterpiece Pink Flag, this band was marked as one of the more interesting bands in the genre, thanks to their unique songwriting style, which is all about simplicity; Introduce the main theme and leave it in the introduction phase, while makong it sound like a a proper song and not like an unfinished idea.


The new album Red Barked Tree proves that the band is in a top shape even thirty years later. Still writing fast and catchy songs, usin hammering drums, unease guitars and just a killer, biting, slicing sound by band’s guitarist and singer Colin Newman.
Everywhere people has been raving about this album, and for good reason. It’s a damn superb album by a band who laughs in the face of age and struck a distorted chord to leave it in the haze. A classic top of 2011 album and a must have for people who like minimalistic,cutting edge rock and role.

Wire play a live set in Brian Turner’s show in WFMU

Wire – Two Minutes

From the band

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