When The Rest Are Up At Four

Jaime Fennelly is the man behind Mind Over Mirrors, whom just released a brand new album called When The Rest Are Up At Four.

Followers of Small Town Romance may recall my post of Fennelly’s former band Acid Birds, which combined experimental free jazz and Harmonium, and was I so happy to learn Fennelly is behind the new album, that was released on Immune Recordings. 

When The Rest Are Up At Four is a beautiful cosmic album that blends Terry Riley’s minimalism with Krautrock, drones and long synths. While there are so many albums that can fit that description, the meditative long synths of Bark & Barge really touch and excites in a different way. The closing track of this album, Heights & The Deeper is really full of love and compassion.

Terry Riley’s music touches the soul in a very special way, modest and honest, it contains the essence of the world we live in. The new Mind Over Mirrors album resembles this feeling in my heart, and that’s why this album, slowly and modestly is one of my 2013 favs, no doubt at all.

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