Welcome to Small Town Romance.
This is a music blog, written by me, about what I see as good and interesting music.
This blog will be about alternative music that sometimes goes under the radar, experimental music which you may or may never heard of, blues, jazz and other genres.

This is actually a twin blog to the other Small Town Romance blog I’ve been writing in Hebrew for about a year and a half, because I think it will be interesting enough for non-Hebrew readers as well. If you’re reading this around the publish date of this post, you should know that it’s still under construction and in the next couple of days I’ll add the menus and buttons you’re so eagerly waiting to see.

One more thing, I’m trying to keep up the tradition I started couple of months ago, of posting a new Saturday Morning Mixtape, an hour length mixtape of music to start your weekend with. The mixtape will be posted here, but also in the dedicated mixtape page, so in case you’re interested in reading my blurbs about music, you can just get updated with RSS or join the page’s mailing list, and get updated once a week when there’s a new mixtape online. You can stream it and download if you wish.

So, that’s sums it. Feel free to comment, join the mailing list of this blog or the mixtape page, or update through RSSĀ  share it with your friends and most importantly – enjoy, and buy the music you like.

Let’s hit the road.

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