We Can All Learn Some New Guitar Tricks From Petrifidelity. Thanks For The Tab.

As you can probably imagine, I like acoustic guitar music. Almost 99.9 of the albums I have in this genre,  are solo albums, sometimes with additional arrangments, but it’s always a work of one composer and writer. I was always fascinated by the ability of two acoustic guitar to collaborate and the big possibilities opened for them like Steffen Grossman’s work with Renbourn, or Renbourn’s work with Jansch.

Work and Worry, is a fabulous blog for that kind of music, and it has been a big supporter of my music when I was still poor and needed the money. One day, Raymond Morin who writes this blog contcted me and ask for my oppinions on couple of guitar tracks he composed and played with his friend David Leicht. I replied and after a while, I got more songs to listen and feedback.
Raymond Morin and David Leicht

And one day, A package was waiting for me at the post office, I opened it and was shocked by what it contained – a highly limited edition album by Raymond and David, called Petrfidelity. Immidiatley, I felt unsure about myself, it happens when I come across a word in English that I don’t understand. So I went to check what is Petrfidelity anyway, and lucky for me, my friend at the Delta Slider blog, provided the answer, as quoted from Leicht himself :

“Petrifidelity is a mash-up of petrified and fidelity.  …taking turned-to-stone as a literal definition for “petrified” and combining it with “fidelity,” implies sounds that strive to be lasting (I hesitate to say “permanent”).”

What we have here is a fantastic work for two acoustic guitars, something in the old Doc Watson/Steffen Grossman style, just less country-blues and more of a broadend mixture of styles that takes some jazz, some British-folk, some country blues and some interesting blends of all the ingredients.

The nicest thing about this release, is the fact that the cd comes in a beautiful packaging, designed by Morin, and contains a fully detailed TAB book, with both guitar parts. Alternative tunings from DADGAD, Dropped D, Open G and G minor and one sang song, with lyrics by Leicht.

This print is limited to 100, so I’d go and grab one fast through and Work & Worry website, it is really a beautiful work of art of two  musicians who’ve been through all areas of acoustic guitar music and knew how to blend their influences, personalities and maintine originality in their writing and playing. A highly recommanded album.

The D. Putnam Strut
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[RIYL] Fahey, Renbourn, Grossman, Jansch, Doc Watson

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