Walking The Dark Road

One of the best new albums I’ve heard so far in 2012, is the long awaited new album by British band Gallon Drunk.
The band had released its great debut album back in 1992, and continued to release albums throughout the years, last one was in 2007.
The only remaining member of the original crew was the founder/guitarist/singer James Johnstone, that I found out today
is also a member of Faust(?) – which automatically provides him with my vote for an MVE.

Now the front cover image might be decieinvg as you may think this is a some sort of a skinny jeans hipster band, but The Road Gets Darker From Here is far from that as
it combines roughness, some punk, some jazz, some Bad Seeds and a whole lotta Mudhoney (which already contains loads of Stooges).

When listening to this brilliant album, I can just hear Mark Arm screams Where Is The Future in the back of the room. This album sounds like a lost Mudhoney album that was supposed to be released between their Billion Suns and The Lucky Ones of recent years.
Only that Gallon Drunk have their own original approach to that style, they are more elegant, they wear suits, and they are better instruments players I believe  They take themselves somehow more seriously, and give up the titties and beer attitude of Arm’s gang.

This is a fun album that you should definitely own.

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