Vowels – The Pattern Prism

Vowels is the brainchild of the talented musician James Rutledge, a London-based producer that already gained reputation with his remixes for Grizzly Bear, Fever Ray, Bloc Party, MGMT and others. He’s a brilliant sound artists that along with drummer Chris Walmsley, formed this duo.

The Pattern Prism is their new album that was released in the end of September with boutique label LOAF, who releases fantastic works of art. The Pattern Prism a journey of a dense sound, produced by Rutlidge’s synth work and feedbacks emerged from his unmuted strings, left there to create that wonderful chaotic noise, while he went to turn another button in his Moog.

He created a sound of a new millennium, that remains authentic and though you could hear the influences of groups like Battles or Gang Gang Dance,  Prism gives more of a krautrock vibe to the music, with rhythmic feel of bands like Can and synth patterns that brings to mind the works of Ash Ra Temple or Klaus Schultze. Take that and add a ridiculously fanatic free jazz drummer that occasionally sits on a groove and sometimes goes on his own psychotic journeys – and you get yourself a delicious elctro-free jazz combo, brought to life by two minds whom you won’t leave your children with.

On one hand, the album does have some crystal, smooth moments with pads or repetitive sounds that can comfort you like a reverb flushed Popul Vuh tracks (like Swim Pool) but on the other hand, it does have some moments of massive drilling, with an irritating and frightening groove (On Up).
In some points it reminds the wonderful album by Subway Subway II (released early this year with Soul Jazz), and in some ways it sounds like a journey to the innards of Tago Mago or Ege Bamyasi.

Can bassist Holger Czukay, who’s also in charge of impressive soundscapes works, can be proud of his followers, and Rutledge, who brought to life a terrific album of Vowels, can definitely be the person who’ll form the next Can, just remember who wrote that first.

Swim Pool

Closing Circles

Two Wires

Vowels – The Pattern Prism (LOAF, 2009)
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An interview with James Rutlidge

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