Vic Chesnutt 1965-2009. Supernatural


What a shame.
Vic Chesnutt is a real indie hero. And though people like Michael Stype adores him, and though he had 14 releases, some in very known labels – Chesnutt stayed relatively unknown.

A car crush in the age of 18 left him paralyzed, but it seemed that minor issues as this will not interfere with his ambitions. 14 albums he released since his first Little, produced by Stype until his last one, At The Cut, a brilliant album released with Constellation records, orchestrated by Silver Mt. Zion.


Throughout his career, he collaborated with icons like Bill Frisell, Van Dyke Parks, Elf Power and others.
In 1996, he released a tribute album to himself, with songs recorded by all sorts of friends from Georgia, named Sweet Relief Two that somewhat made him an indie star. These friends where REM, Soul Asylum, Red Red Meat (Later to be Califone), Sparklehorse, Madonna, Kristin Hersh and others.

Yesterday afternoon, he passed away.
I think this video, manages to show a glimpse of the uniqueness of Chesnutt, and somewhat demonstrates why he was one of the greatest singer/songwriters who walked among us, and we didn’t notice.

Official announcement in Constellation website
Artist page in Allmusic.

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