Underwater Fireman’s Voyage To The Heart Of Consensus

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Underwater Fireman is a trio resides in Tel Aviv, Israel.
This brilliant band is set to release their debut EP with the local indie/alt label Anova Music, this June.
Their music is a blend of energetic fuzzed guitar, psychedelic-pop influences from the 00’s cult heroes like Grandaddy, The Flaming Lips, The Shines, Deerhunter and others.

Underwater Fireman

It’s so cool to hear strong melodies these days, after all the fuss people make about the sound of their guitars or the brilliancy of their production, it’s a surprise to find a band with such good melodies that with some luck and your sharing of this post – will make its way to the heart of consensus.

Here’s a video and an audio file of their first released tracks – Arms Are Racing.

Live In Tel Aviv

[Audio] Underwater Fireman – Arms Are Racing

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