Undercurrents Of Beauty

I’m listening to the recent Deep Magic album, Closed Eyes, for four times in a row, and that’s only today.
In the previous weeks I’ve never played it once. At least twice in a row if not more. All these times,  I didn’t close my eyes, I admit.
It was easier for me to dive into these dreamy sounds, with my eyes open. It’s a musicians’-composers’-arrangers disease, that you over analyze what you hear, instead of listening to the music as a whole. Listening with opened eyes helps me overcome.

Alex Gray is Deep Magic, a member of the Sun Araw touring band, and he’s a painter with sounds.
I get a kick out of albums like these, that doesn’t carry long melodies in the music, and that every couple of seconds, something happens; A new melody, a new idea, they come from somewhere and disappear somewhere. Underneath, the sea whispers undercurrents of beauty. On top, Gray is standing there with a canvas on the sand and draws.

Of course he draws with his eyes shut. Chooses a color and throw it on the canvas, drawing lines freely, up and down and to the sides and throws another color and do the same. Then he’s back to the first color and so on and quickly there’re hundreds of colors on the canvas, creating new lives and new undercurrents of beauty, that tickles your soul.

And as a musician I try to analyze this painting, and understand what’s going on there. Color and another color and another line and I can’t understand the way the painter was thinking, or what he was doing. But then I take five steps back and look at the canvas again, and I don’t see the lines nor the colors, I just see a beautiful painting of undercurrents, peaceful and complete.
The album is out via Debacle, get it here

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