Ulaan Khol – The Closing Chapter

The most exciting news of the week for this humble blog, is finally the release of the last part of the brilliant Ulaan Khol trilogy, by guitar/soundscape god Steven R Smith.
Ulaan Khol

For those who missed the last couple of episodes, I should note that Smith’s work is something that one cannot categorize, nor summarize in a silly blog post. He’s one of one my favorite musicians, and he’s guilty for my inability to pick up an electric guitar and start e-bowing it for hours, he’s just so damn good, that it makes me cry like a little girl.

Smith is familiar for you west coast psych fanatics, for his work with Mirza and Thuja, where his guitar gently wept, while those who were sniffing glue with Tara Burke’s Fursaxa, found a comforting soundtrack in the Smith’s eastern-Europe folk moniker Hala Strana.
Aside from banging on the guitar and make huge walls of distroted sounds on one hand, and hurdy guardying his way through the night shift on the other, Smith’s works under his own name were always my favourite as he manage to take all these brilliant ideas of his, and make them into a true journey of melancholy state of mind, creeping textures, and joyful inspiration.
Steven R Smith

2008 saw the release of two Ulaan Khol releases. Khol was another moniker of Smith, that he used to bring out his most brave statements with the release of 2/3 of the trilogy, with home of the brave record label – Soft Abuse. Now, nearly two years after these two parts were released, comes the third part. Like the previous chapters, all the tracks named ‘untitled’ and I can totally understand why. Any context thrown on the listener by giving it a name, will directly effect the listening experience and its neutralism.
Ulaan Khol

Soft Abuse has also manufactured limited edition stamped boxes, so you’ll have a nice packaging for the three releases, and both the new album and the package are availalbe through Smith’s website or the label’s.

I should point out that I haven’t listened to the full album yet, as I’m waiting for my copy to arrive, and I can’t wait for it to happen. Meanwhile, you’re welcome to have a little taste of the new album here. If that’s your first introduction with this great musician work – I should defently make a listening list for you and recommend you to listen to these album :

As Steven R Smith:
Cities (Immune Records, 2009)
From Ashes Come (3 Acre Floor, 1999)
Owl (Digitalis Industries ,2007)

Hala Strana:
These Villages (Soft Abuse, 2004)
Fielding (Jewelled Antler, 2003)

With his bands:
Mirza – Iron Compass Flux (Darla, 1998)
Thuja – Pine Cone Temples (Strange Attractors, 2005)

Ulaan Khol – Untitled 2
Ulaan Khol – Untitled 1

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