Tiny Desk Superstars; Arborea

My favorite folk ‘band’ (for the lack of other word) is the Maine based duo Arborea.
Readers of this blog already know them, as I try to post all news about Buck and Shanti who are Arborea, because I love these guys so much. They released one beautiful album last year (Via Strange Attractors Audio House), really amazing and hipnotic.

I met them in September ’11 for the first time, when I flew North Carolina for the Hopscotch festival. We had lunch together and it a great fun, they are two¬†authentic¬†people, full of love, and that’s reflected in their music.

Now they arrived to NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert, played a set of 16 minutes and the result is just fantastic, beautiful and touching. Like their soul.

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