The Wow Effect, or How Red Planet Is One Of The Best Folk Albums You’ll Hear This Year

Arborea - The Red Planet

When I was younger , I worked in the customer support department in a mobile phones company. They taught us of the ‘wow’ effect, the holy grail of customer relations, when a customer is so satisfied, that he mumbles the word. It is almost like finding the g-spot on your first night together. Glad I’m out of there.

That is how I felt when I first heard the new, fourth album by Maine duo Arborea. I have been following Arborea since their first album was released in 2007 and watched closely how better they got, album by album. They soak their inspiration from British and American folk music, fusing Pentangle from east and Takoma records from the west – but all in all, bring something of their own, some kind of a fairytale music, for dark, edgy children.

By Cat Stevens

(Picture By Cat Stevens)

The new album, Red Planet will be released via Strange Attractors Audio House in the end of April (first 100 out of the 500 LP’s will be in translucent red!) and when it will be released remember who told you about the wow effect that this album carries in each of every second. And I’ll explain why.

First , you have Shanti Curran’n voice. An ethereal ,velvetט,warm and overall hypnotic voice. The kind of voices you would like everyone in the world to have, because it just might make the world better and calmer, full of emotion and compassion.
Then, you have Buck Curran’s gentle guitar playing. Expressive and thoughtful playing, humble and minimalistic, spars acoustic guitars, that creates beautiful ambient layers that scratches the soul from the inside.

And then you have the songs themselves, as described in Strange Attractors website,”cinematic mini-masterpieces” , this is a pretty accurate description. The lyrics tells little stories, that fusions their day to day Maine landscapes and sounds, with personal, sometimes aching stories. Spain tells their story of their visits in Spain on their tours, and the affection they felt for the people and the vibe. A Little Time is about the time passing, where we are merely visitors for a second, without even a suitcase.

And –  you have their breathtaking version of Tim Buckley’s Phantasmagoria In Two, a version that puts the song under a different light, less spooky and very much Arborea’s style – ethereal.

Everything is so visionary in this album, so imaginary, that it paints a beautiful picture of winter on the shore. Family life, in a little house protected from the storms.
Buck and Shanti had created the best album of Arborea so far, and in short, it can be best described with a three letter word. One of the must haves for 2011. Seriously, this is an amazing album.

[Listen] Arborea – Arms and Horses
[Buy] Strange Attractors Audio House

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