The Sound Of An Underrated Band

Every time you read about British post-punk band The Sound, led by Adrian Borland, you’ll see the word ‘underrated’.
This band, in spite of their nice UK career, never managed to break into the US market and really make it big.

Sitting somewhere between Joy Division and Echo and the Bunnyman, The Sound is probably my favorite band of the genre.
They released 6 albums, that were reissued in 2002 though some of them are now out of print. However, all of their albums are knock outs (well maybe except for one).

This week was all about The Sound, as I listened mainly to them, going through their discography over and over again and trying to realize what was it in the young and trouble Borland (who killed himself in 99) and about The Sound that didn’t work in terms of commercial success.

Nevertheless, we still got their brilliant albums like Jeopardy, From The Lion’s Mouth or the killer EP Shock Of Daylight, and if you’re friends of the genre and don’t know The Sound, this is the time to do something about it.
Btw, you might wanna check Borland’s post The Sound albums, his solo stuff are excellent as well.

The Sound – Heartland (From Jeopardy)
The Sound – Golden Soldiers (From A Shock Of Daylight)

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