The Shape Of Birds To Come

Acid Birds
The sky was angry that day my friends. I was walking with my dog, Oren The King Avigdor, while the pouring rain was turning me soaking wet (what can you do, the dog has its needs).
But lucky for me, internet is making my life as a music discoverer much easier, and I’m tuned on the WFMU streaming whenever I’m out. So while I’m getting wet, I was tuned on Scott McDowell’s show on friday, 8th of February, when I band I didn’t know, Acid Birds, suddenly started to kill me slowly but powerfully.
Oren The King Avigdor

This free jazz-experimental-avantgard trio, completely blew me away with their unbelievable energies so much, that I actually spent the entire 30 minutes under a roof, listening to the whole in studio session they had in the Scott McDowell’s show. True, I could just get inside the house, but I was really amazed by their awesome power, that I just had to stop everything and listen. The dog didn’t show much understanding to the situation and tried to pull me to the next territory markup location, but that didn’t help, and we both stood there – me completely amazed and he, asking himself what to do next.

Imagine the most aggressive energies of Art Ensemble Of Chicago (just in a shape of a trio), next to the Sun Ra freak-outs, and Coltrane‘s ‘OM’ days, mixed together with a Harmonium who set the tone. Exciting.
The band had already released one album with QBICO , that later changed his name to Sagittarius A-Star, and will release their second album this month with the A-Star. That recording captured them live at the Issue Room in Brooklyn, one year ago.
You can hear some samples at Acid Birds’ Soundcloud page.

The sample below is from a previous Issue Room session, and it’s an excerpt of the entire session, titled Mock Load and released on cassette with Electric Temple Records.
If that’s what I think it is, it looks like the shape of jazz to come. Sorry for the cliche.

[Audio] Acid Birds – Issue Room Session (Excerpt)
[RIYL] Art Ensemble Of Chicago, Coltrane, Sun Ra, Albert Ayler
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