The Rocknroll Soul Of John Lennon

35 Years without Lennon and I wanted to share my thoughts about him.
Though credited as one of the finest songwriters in pop history, which he indeed was, as a Beatle or solo – to me Lennon was all about the rocknroll spirit. And I don’t refer to the Beatles early rocknroll albums, but to Lennon the 16 years old grownup who soaked Gene Vincent, Elvis and Chuck Berry’s vibe.
A big fan of all these three, and others, Lennon’s point of view of the world, was probably influenced by the rebellious nature of their music, the times, the jackets and of course-the girls.













This rebellious nature fit in will in the Bealtes and balanced Paul’s sugary pop writing and helped him build the naughty boy persona the Bealtes needed so much, especially when The Stones emerged to the scene too, a band of bad boys.

His Rocknroll album is often overlooked and it’s a shame, because Lennon was first and foremost, a rocknroll man. Even when his rocknroll took shape of a more contemporary writing in that genre, John is at his best when his voice has a slap-delay and when there’s grease in his hair. In this album, John returns to the classics of his youth, and does so, of course, in a brilliant way.
To really understand Lennon, this album is a must have.
So if you don’t know this album, and are familiar mainly with John’s hits, take the time to listen to the 16 years old in his soul. A real treasue.

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