The Psychedelic Jazzy Folk Of Synanthesia

London trio Synanthesia was formed back in the late 60’s, breathing the mountaintop breezy air of the London folk revival scene, led by heroes like Bert Jansch and Pentangle, Fairport Conention and the entire scene of acoustic guitar players and new emerging singer/songwriters.

The music was written by Leslie Cook who played several of stringed instruments like guitar, mandolin and violin and was deeply inspired by the unique sound of Robin Williamson, Mike Heron and Clive Palmer of the Incredible String Band, their use of instruments and their influences that blended east and west.

Joins Cook, on vibes were Dennis Homes, not the most obvious choice for a folky band and Jimmy Fraser on Oboe, flute, alt and soprano saxophone. Their sound really adds a unique feel of dreamy psychedelic jazz to the floating vocals which makes this record to be really special. The songwriting is beautiful, and blends Donovan and Jansch to the freaks of the Incredible String Band.
For years, the only available cd version was by the label Elogy, but couple of years ago, it was reissued with a superb sound, detailed booklet and bonus tracks, via Sunbeam records.

If you’re into some unknown freak/acid folk, from the aesthetic side of the term, you should definitely listen¬† to this surprisingly unknown album.

Synanthesia  РRolling and Tumbling
Synanthesia  РTrafalgar Square

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[RIYL] Forest, Incredible String Band, Donovan

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