The Phones – Two Hearts/Two Heads

I’ve been listening to a lot of 80’s post-punk lately. The Sound and Royal Family and the Poor were the two bands that got most of the spins, but there was this obscure album by Netherland band The Phones, that I returned to a lot.

Two Hearts/Two Heads was a privately released album by this band, and it was out in 82.
I don’t know much about them, and when I bought the record in Amsterdam, I didn’t know what it was, I just liked to cover, so I didn’t ask too many questions.

It’s a sort of a mix between dark wave and pop. In some points it hints at the genre obvious heroes, but most of the time, it has its own thing.
One thing about that cover – it’s definitely the most annoying record I know. The triangle shaped top part of the cover, make sure it won’t fit on the shelve, and therefore it’s always out.

Two Hearts/Two Heads was never reissued, but someone ripped the vinyl and it’s available out there. Usually I never link to album downloads, but I guess this time, because it’s so rare and unavailable¬† – we can make this exception. Enjoy!

The Phones – Change
The Phones – Emotional Language


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