The Necks’ Mindset

The Necks is an Australian trio that has been playing for 24 years and 16 albums.
The trio is drums-piano-bass and together they create a stunning tapestry of torn apart jazz, with soundtrack music for abandoned cities
that holds the weirdos of the world, directly from a Jacques Brel song.
That’s what I hear in their music, at least.

They now have a new album called Mindset, and like every new album of theirs, I’m surrounded by inspiration when I listen to it.
There are only two tracks in the album, each one is more then 20 minutes long. One has a densed dynamics, with minimal sounds and many layers, while the other is sparsed and vivid and more minimal.

Here’s a piece from the album, which you should definitley buy as it is a beautiful Necks album like all the other previous albums. This one is also out on an LP.
A classic 2011 must.

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The Necks – The Sleep Of Champions (from The Boys)





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